Celebrating accomplishments

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Can anyone tell me where November went? Seriously how quickly has this month gone?

As a small business owner it’s easy to feel like the year has whizzed by and that I haven't ticked everything off my to-do list.

Recognise the milestones

I have times when I feel tired & overwhelmed by the constant juggling of being a parent, working, keeping up-to-date with school activities, playdates, Christmas shopping (don't get me started!) and the never-ending housework that I don't recognise the milestones that I have accomplished.

Make time to celebrate your accomplishments,
no matter how big or small.

With the festive season upon us, now is a good time as any, to sit back, get a pen & paper and write down all the things you have achieved, and celebrate them!

Let me start...

If I have a think of what I have accomplished this year, its been pretty productive so I should be proud of my achievements.

  • taken on new clients (it’s always a good thing!)

  • shared my knowledge by posting business tips on my Facebook business page (20) & published 10 blog posts on my website,

  • became a member of the VYVA network which has allowed to meet some lovely & helpful VAs online & in person,

  • celebrated a year in business,

  • attended various networking & training events,

  • met up with other business owners & advisors who have provided advice & guidance on my business,

  • thrown myself into a Small Business TAFE course (as if there's not enough to do!)

  • continually upskilling myself by learning new apps/programs for my business which I can offer as a service to my clients,

  • and the most important - becoming a role model to my two girls and showing them that you can run your own business while being a Mum.

Learn from what you have accomplished

Attending networking & training sessions was a big step for me this year, while it’s easy to stay behind a desk and talk to people over email, it’s not the same as meeting business owners face-to-face. Talking to people in person about my business and chat about how you may be able to help them.

Then start all over again

It's important to acknowledge the steps you have made in your business regardless of how big or small they are. Then you can start planning your goals for next year, and take the time to decide on what you want to achieve (big & small) and set some milestones. It might include hiring a virtual assistant to help you with your tasks? :)