Planning for the new year


Have you started planning your business goals for the new year?

Now's the time to get your thinking cap on and start working out what you want to achieve in the new year.

It could relate to the direction you want your business to take, involve planning a new website, or a new joint venture which helps grow your business.

Or it might involve outsourcing time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant so you feel less stressed, and have more time to devote to your clients and business.

So how do you save yourself time?

Tasks such as blog management, website development & maintenance, social media management, and design are all time-consuming, and at times frustrating tasks. Technology doesn’t always work out the way you want it to and if you are learning a new app or software it can take up valuable time.

By delegating tasks such as these you’ll find yourself more productive and gain better results for your business. Not to mention, feeling less stressed!

How can a virtual assistant help you?

If you are still wondering how a virtual assistant can help you, see below for the types of tasks we can take off your plate:

  • Creation of invitations, flyers, social media graphics, advertisements, brochures, business cards etc.

  • Develop content for your website, blog, email newsletter or presentation,

  • Compose & schedule social media posts (utilising your content & preferred dates)

  • Source, write, publish and promote blog posts,

  • Design a responsive website utilising Squarespace,

  • Typing of correspondence, training manuals, book chapters, mail merge letters etc.

  • Format complex word documents, flyers, fact sheets, training manuals, business proposals, etc.

  • Develop, maintain and publish content to your website,

  • Design graphs, charts, infographics, blog graphics or illustrations,

  • Develop and manage a blog for your business.

  • Create engaging PowerPoint presentations

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