7 spring-cleaning tips for your business

I love Spring! It is my favourite season. I love the crisp sunshiny days, the budding blossoms on my plum tree, the huge amount of native birds visiting our backyard and lazy afternoons filled with warmth (bye bye Winter!) along with days that stay lighter a little longer.

It's also a good time for a little spring-cleaning not only in your home but in your business too!


Here are some spring-cleaning tips to get you started!

1. Backup up photos on your phone

I don't know about you, but my phone always informs me when I am running out of storage space (problems of an Android user) Now is a good time to check whether your photos or files on your mobile have been backing up to the cloud. If you don’t have a cloud account such as Dropbox setup, back everything up on your computer, USB or an external hard drive. Then delete any large, unneeded photos and free-up space in your phone's storage.

2. Emails

I don't know about you but I receive hundreds of spam emails each week, as well as multiple marketing newsletters from companies. It’s a good time to go through your emails and sort the spam, delete emails you don't want, unsubscribe from marketing newsletters you no longer want to receive and file away emails you want to keep!

3. Backup files

When's the last time you backed up your business files on your computer? Do you have a copy of your files in case your computer dies? If you haven't already, sign-up for one of the free cloud storage accounts and copy your business files to the cloud. This not only makes it a safe option in case your computer dies or has a virus...but it makes your files easily accessible if you are away from your office!

4. Store business cards

If you have received a bunch of business cards, go through each of them and enter details of people you want to stay in contact with using a CRM, Access database or Outlook's Contacts.

5. Scan receipts

Have you got a bunch of business receipts from buying supplies to client lunches? Receipts can fade over time making them hard to read. So it's a good idea to scan your receipts. Save them as a PDF or JPEG file, so you have a digital copy for tax time!

6. Photographs

If you are a product-based business and receive printed photos, make sure you get them scanned, and loaded onto your online store, or website then file them away in a safe spot!

7. Website updates & backups

When was the last time you backed up your website? What would happen to your site if it crashed or a virus attacked it? Do you have a website maintenance schedule set in place? These are important questions you should be asking your web developer.

By keeping a web maintenance schedule you can keep track of when you last backed up your site, the frequency of how often you need to review content, details of the content and who owns it (sometimes there are different divisions that own different content). You should also keep a list of published files and detail how often they should be updated, and keep a record of when any major additions and amendments have been made to your website.

Outdated content and files can easily be missed if you don't have some sort of checklist or maintenance schedule in place!

If you would like JAM to assist you with any of your business spring-cleaning, get in contact with Julie on 0452 393094 or email JAM for a free consultation.

Published 4/9/18 - Updated 19/9/2019