What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is like having your own Secretary or Personal Assistant but only a call or click away! Originally, a VA managed tasks such as maintaining your diary, organising travel, answering incoming telephone calls and drafting correspondence from the comfort of their home office. Nowadays, VAs are offering a variety of services or include contractors such as web designers, graphic designers, and accountants.

You may find a Bookkeeper / Office Manager / Admin Assistant / Social Media Manager / Blogger / Graphic Designer / Web Manager wrapped into one little VA package, or a VA who provides a single niche service, such as a Copywriter.

Is a VA an employee?

A VA is a sole trader who runs their own business. Like any contractor you hire around the home, a VA works for a client for a fee. They are not an employee of the client, meaning they are responsible for paying their own salary, superannuation, sick & annual leave, insurance, supplies, etc.

How much does a VA charge?

Depending on the type of VA service your after, you may be charged - by the hour, a fixed price for working on a project, or offered a prepaid package/retainer if you are wanting someone to work for you on a regular basis. 

For example, if you want someone to work 10 hours a week over a 2 month period, a VA may offer you a prepaid package where you sign an agreement that specifies the hours, agreed amount, details of the job and deadline that the job it is to be completed by.

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How does a VA work?

Most VAs work remotely, which means they won’t come in to the office and work alongside the clients. They may work with numerous clients at any one time, and have hours scheduled in their diaries for different clients and their tasks. A reputable VA will keep their clients’ up-to-date on a job’s progress by phone, email or Skype.

At JAM we can provide an inhouse service for local clients wanting a presence in their office! It may be that you have a hot desk with all the necessary equipment, but just need someone to come in for a few hours a week to help you out. Contact us for more information.

What hours does
a VA work?

VAs don’t necessarily work traditional hours such 9am-5pm, it could be evenings, early mornings or in between the kids going to school, but be rest assured your work will be taken care of. By having a good relationship and addressing the best form of communication with your VA, you can make sure they keep you up-to-date with your job’s progress, and you can worry less about your work being done.

For further details download a copy of our business terms and conditions here.

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